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GNU General Public License v3
File-O-Meter is free software ("Open Source") and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.
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The open source solution for your
document management.

Don’t find fault, find a remedy.
(Henry Ford)
Papers and documents - save archived with a DMS Why another DMS?

Most common DMS focus on filing and handling of a few important document types, i.e. supplier invoices and customer invoices. They go along with a big price tag for invest, training and customizing the DMS. There are several other application areas for document management systems which are not optimally supported.

File-O-Meter is designed for small and medium sized companies from all sectors of industry that work with technical documentation. CAD files of all types along with other source data are an integral part of the project documentation in plant construction as well as in the construction industry in general. In most cases, engineering drawings are required as source data and other file formats (PDF, Image file formats) at the same time.

The requirements for the quality of the data are rising for both constructor and operator in order to minimize the post-processing costs for the use in ERP or CAFM systems. A DMS helps to meet these requirements.

  1. Location independent - access via internet
  2. Multilingual (English/German)
  3. Integrable into other applications (via webservice)
  4. Classification system support (such as KKS for power plants) [in development]

Because there are no licensing fees for an open source Document Management System, it is particularly interesting for small and medium sized companies and organizations from all industry sectors that have shied away from using a DMS up to now due to licensing fees.

Effective instead of efficient

The strength of common DMS is the efficient handling and storage of a large number of unified documents. But what, if the most different data types and -formats shall be handled, stored and found effective (with little time and effort) - as ususal in plant construction?

What are the characteristics of File-O-Meter? An overview of the features which have been implemented. We are working on it! Intended features, future implementations and new functions. Learn more about the open source project
„File-O-Meter“ and how
you can contribute.