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GNU General Public License v3
File-O-Meter is free software ("Open Source") and published under the terms of the GNU General Public License v3.
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Product information

Word documents and PDF files containing text will automatically be indexed for a full-text search

What? You seek something? You wish to multiply yourself … ?
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
A digital, webbased archive for your documents and files The open source application File-O-Meter is a web-based Document Management System for filing and archiving documents and files. File-O-Meter provides a corporate platform for cooperation, collaboration and data sharing, accessible via internet.

All documents uploaded to the DMS will automatically get a unique version ID. If a file is changed, it gets a new ID for each version. Older versions are stored and can be accessed using the version history of the appropriate document. Sophisticated search functions ensure that each desired document is found quickly. An authorization system makes sure that only authorized users get access to the documents.

A detailed feature-list of File-O-Meter can be found within the menu item Features.

Constant enhancement of File-O-Meter

We are currently developing additional functions for File-O-Meter to make File-O-Meter even more interesting especially for document control to As-Built documentation in plant construction and construction industry.

One of these functions is the dynamic customizable Reference Designation System (RDS), according to the KKS Power Plant Classification System. It concerns a standardised system for the classification of equipment on the basis of a specific scheme.
By using the RDS key number of any component part, it is possible to read the type of the component part and its location without difficulty. The rules for the RDS scheme and the structure of the RDS keys are freely configurable. Each document concerning a specific system can be assigned to an appropriate RDS key. The search functions of File-O-Meter also support the search for RDS key numbers.

Our goal is to develop File-O-Meter into a full-fledged web-based DMS that provides special features which are useful for technical documentations and construction documentations, in addition to the common features of a document management system.